“In the late 60’s and early 70’s, hippie communes and campgrounds were a place of peace and love. Government camping regulations now disallow this kind of living on public lands. Communal living is discouraged from society to the point of zoning and utility restrictions that define usage of public and private property. People are now taking a stance against government restriction and are realizing that we were created to live together in communities where we are all equal and we all have something to contribute, and we should not have to pay extra for things like water, energy, and organic food.” …… In5D.com

We are a new non-profit organization; at the present moment, “under construction” for the support, funding, promotion, implementation, and maintenance of self-sufficient, eco-friendly, and love-based communities around the globe.

Move In

Construction for “Cities of Light” all around the planet are about to commence. Please stay tuned as these projects are completed and opened to receive YOU.

Every City of Light is to be a free experience to its community members. No rent, no utility bills, no taxes, no fees, just a bunch of good people contributing to one another and living in community.

Please write-us to be placed in the waiting list and have an opportunity to have a first-come-first-serve appointment to the many communities; now in the making.